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What is DRIVAR?

DRIVAR is a digital car sharing platform where everyone can rent a car of their dreams as well advertise on our platform their own sports car, luxury vehicle or an old stylish classic car. In addition, DRIVAR also takes care of a hassle-free lease process and provides the appropriate insurance packages for any occasion.

Do all cars belong to DRIVAR?

All vehicles on the DRIVAR platform belong to completely different car-owners. We are very vigilant in checking the cars for the necessary insurance and reliability of each of our partners, before publishing them on our site.

When can I pick up the vehicle and by when do I have to return it?

We try to be as responsive to you as possible! Please let us know your desired time and we will do the others. A daily rental goes maximum 24h and a weekend rental maximum from Friday to Monday morning.

Is it possible to rent a vehicle even if I have not yet reached the minimum age?

Yes, for certain vehicles we offer a special “Young Driver Insurance” as an option. We will be happy to tell you, which cars are available with such an option by your request.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, you can find the deposit amount on the respective car advertisement. In most cases, the deposit can be transferred by credit card.

How can I pay the rental fee?

You can pay the rental price at the pick-up location either in cash or credit card.

What additional costs should I expect?

The price which is shown in the respective vehicle advertisement is already your final price! However, some cars can be more expensive on weekend days (Friday/Saturday/Sunday), this information usually is written on the page. Additional costs can arise if you want to drive more miles/kilometres or if you want to take out an additional insurance. Fuel costs are not included in the rental price as well.

Where exactly is the car located?

You can find the required information regarding the location directly on the car page of your interest. Please understand that we do not publish exact address data for security reasons.

Can I reschedule an appointment in case of bad weather?

No, postponement due to unstable weather is usually not possible. However, there are exceptions when the respective lessor agrees to postpone the appointment due to bad weather conditions.

Is it possible to order delivery of the car to another desired address?

Yes, this is possible by request. We will be glad to tell you the exact price of the delivery cost after we receive the exact address information.

What are the costs in case of cancellation?

The cancellation costs are between 25% and 100%, depending on the rental rate selected during the reservation. You will receive an overview of all rental rates from us during reservation.

How high is the costs in the case of damage?

The amount differs from vehicle to vehicle and will be announced to you in advance during the reservation process. Moreover, you have the possibility to further reduce these costs with the help of an additional insurance.

How works DRIVAR?

Procedure for tenants

1) You submit an inquiry for your desired vehicle. For a concrete information we always need the following data from you: Which vehicle? At which location? On which date? For how long? With how many km/miles included?

2) We will contact you as soon as possible with the availability of the vehicle and the exact rental price.

3) For a reservation we need your ID card (or that of the renter) and driver’s license (front and back) as a photo or copy.

4) Afterwards we will summarize all details of the offer.

5) You will receive a down payment invoice, with the receipt of payment your reservation is successfully completed.

6) We will now forward all data to the landlord.

7) At least a few days before the rental you will receive all pick-up and contact information for the day of pick-up from the rental company.

8) Please bring the following with you to pick up the vehicle: Identity card and driver’s license once again in the original, if necessary documents of additional drivers, the remaining rent, the deposit.

9) In case of problems with the rental company, the DRIVAR customer service is at your disposal for clarification.

Procedure for landlords

1) You check and sign our cooperation contract.

2) You send us all necessary vehicle data: Pictures in good quality, rental prices, information about deposit, price for additional km before/after rental, deductible, minimum age, other special features.

3) We create the respective vehicle advertisement independently.

4) You put the link from https://drivar.com.au with our logo on your own homepage.

5) In case of an inquiry we check the availability at first.

6) If the customer confirms the offer, you block the vehicle for the corresponding rental period.

7) Afterwards we send you all details of the rental including the personal documents of the customer.

8) You contact the customer again regarding the vehicle pick-up, clarify the exact time and inform the contact person on the rental day about the pick-up address and contact details.

9) You carry out the vehicle handover and return.

10) After the rental has been completed, you inform us of the final invoice within 3 working days: Did the customer drive additional km/miles? Were there any other additional sales with the customer? Any other comments about the rental? Did everything go smoothly and was the renter satisfied?

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