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Everyone can drive their dream car with us: The DRIVAR® network now includes several hundred sports cars, vintage cars, and luxury cars for rent throughout the USA. You can have an exotic car driving experience nearby your city. You only need to have a valid driver’s license to be behind the wheel in high-performance vehicles. It doesn’t matter if your dream car belongs to the race cars group like a Nissan GTR, an Aston Martin also known as the James Bond car or a Lamborghini Aventador.

Exotic car driving experience

DRIVAR® is now also working in other large cities and now also offers exotic cars and luxury cars f in cities such as Fort Lauderdale, Dallas, San Antonio, Denver, Indianapolis, Seattle, Detroit, Oklahoma City, New Jersey, New Orleans, Orlando, Memphis, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, Philadelphia. In some of these cities you can find also race track experiences where you can some driving privileges like testing the cars’ speed limits. Another option you can have is to ride along an exotic car. Fact is also that we are present in other countries around the world and if you are interested of this driving experience with your dream car in Germany or in the UAE for example, we are very glad to help you.

Valid driver’s license to rent exotic cars

Sports cars for an adult are like a cool toy for children. With DRIVAR® you can rent your dream cars everywhere you are in the U.S. Choose between having driving experiences with an Aston Martins, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini, Bugatti Veyron, Nissan GT R, Porsche, Ferraris, or any other luxury car you dream with. You only need to select your location and favorite car, then click on “Book Now” and select your favorite. After our confirmation, you are free to enjoy your day, your vacation, or any way you prefer.

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